Hi and welcome to my newsletter! Here you’ll get to read all about real, science-backed nutrition information as it relates to performance and sports nutrition (especially running!) and women’s health, and my experience working with women and athletes for many years. I don’t think I’ll ever see it all in my practice as a dietitian, but I have many pearls of wisdom to share and endless nutrition myths to bust. I write once per week, Wednesdays (free) and at least one Sunday per month (paid subscribers) about topics ranging from sports performance to ditching dieting, creating healthy behavior change, and some personal thoughts on wellness, my running, and nutrition trends. I’ve been a registered dietitian for almost a decade, and currently run my own nutrition coaching practice. I hope you enjoy reading this newsletter as much as I enjoy writing it.

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I'm a registered dietitian who loves to nutrition myth-bust, talk about performance and sports nutrition, and women's health. I also use this space to talk about my running, living in NYC, trends in wellness and some random musings. Views are my own.


NYC-based registered dietitian specializing in performance nutrition, women's health and breast cancer nutrition.